A Quick Buyer’s Guide for Old Barns for Sale

converted barns for sale
In recent years’ barn conversions have grown in popularity to become luxurious properties which means there is huge demand for old barns for sale.

While many potential buyers want to buy a derelict farm building and carry out a conversion for themselves, there’s also a sizeable demand from people wanting a barn that has already been completed.

Is easy to see why these converted barns are so appealing with their excellent idyllic rural location, high ceilings and weather-worn materials; remember that all barn conversions must be carried out in a sympathetic manner so they must utilise original materials wherever possible to help keep the barn’s character which makes them a unique proposition.

For those who do undertake a barn conversion, the process will take lots of patience as well as time and money but they will end up creating a true dream home which will be the envy of lots of people.

Looking at antique barns for sale for converting

For anyone who is looking at antique barns for sale for converting needs to be aware that those conversations carried out in the 1970s and 80s have not been done to the same standards as those in the last decade or so.

In many cases, some of these older conversions did not use sympathetic or original materials and used cheap fittings as well as uPVC windows which detract from the building’s original features.

Potential buyers should also be aware that the foundations in some of these older barn conversions may not be as sound as they would hope since many were not underpinned and, in many cases too, the amount of insulation used was very little so they can be draughty and comfortable.

The barn conversion process was tightened up in 1996 with the introduction of new buildings regulations which means that those converted since then tend to be more luxurious and comfortable to live in. They are also more attractive to look at.

Putting together their barn conversion ideas

Anyone looking for barns for sale will be aware that when putting together their barn conversion ideas that the prices and the building materials vary hugely around the country so there’s no set formula for calculating how much a derelict or converted barn will cost.

However, one rule of thumb which tends to work is that the price of the original building will account for around 40% of the finished project’s final cost.

Also, it tends to cost more per square metre to carry out a conversion than it does to erect a new building.

In addition, there are other costs that need to be considered including introducing utilities which may be a costly exercise, depending on where the barn is located. If the utilities need a long trench digging, this could cost thousands of pounds for electricity to be supplied.

However, barn conversions are also ripe for those who want to introduce eco-features such as solar PV panels and wind power, for instance.

So when it comes to looking for old barns for sale there are pros and cons for buying a barn that has already been converted since most of the expensive and time-consuming work has already been done and it’s fairly easy to carry out an impressive interior design to really put the new owner’s personality onto their purchase.

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