Barn Houses For Sale - More Issues To Consider

Barn houses for sale – more issues to consider

There are a number of issues that someone looking at barn houses for sale needs to consider particularly if it needs conversion or remedial work carrying out.

We explained in a previous article about the issue of gaining planning permission for a barn conversion and that it’s not always given that the local authority will grant permission to convert.

Other issues when it comes to carrying out a barn conversion is an obvious one but some will not consider the potential for problems.

Does the barn homes for sale have access to the nearest public road?

That’s the question of access. Does the barn homes for sale have access to the nearest public road and will the new owner have to pay for one to be built?

This then raises the question of whether it is connected to the utilities such as electricity and water as well as sewerage and a telephone line. If not, this connection will have to be made and it can be an expensive process.

However, if utilities and a road do need to be installed then this project can be done at the same time and depending on the distance from the barn to the road, the cost will vary hugely. Even a relatively short distance will be several thousand pounds of work.

Before embarking on this plan to install utilities it may be an opportunity for the owner to consider whether this is an opportune moment to install eco-friendly technologies and also looking at boosting the energy efficiency of the property.

Living in a remote barn conversion

Indeed, lots of people are drawn to the prospect of living in a remote barn conversion and use things like solar panels to provide electricity along with a slew of other high-tech solutions.

These will include things like ground source heat pumps, underfloor heating and wood burners. All very effective and all provide free or very cheap electricity.

Another issue people should consider when looking at barn houses for sale is whether it is close to a working farm, some will be located on a farm that works around the year so potential owners need to understand and appreciate how active the farm is going to be and what smells and sights they will have to put up with.

The barn is part of a communal shared space

There’s also the prospect of the barn is part of a communal shared space, for instance a courtyard and what the access rights are and who else is living there.

For many people the prospect of looking at barn houses for sale with a view to converting one means they are looking at a remote location so the question of sharing communal areas is not a prospect they will relish but it does mean they may miss out on some potentially impressive converted farm buildings which are often in a great location too.

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