A Buyer’s Guide For Old Barns For Sale 1

A buyer’s guide for old barns for sale 1

While looking at old barns for sale it is obvious they present themselves as a hugely attractive proposition for many people who can then create the home of their dreams but there are various potential obstacles that buyers need to be aware of.

Indeed, being forewarned of these issues means that buyers of barns, as well as barn conversions, will be prepared for every eventuality.

The popularity of barn conversions shows no sign of abating with owners looking to convert redundant farm buildings into a luxury property designed to their own specification.

There’s a lot to like about a converted ban with its excellent rural location, time worn materials and high ceilings and the ability to create a truly unique home utilising modern techniques and methods for the interior to really stand out.

Looking for barn conversion ideas

There’s also no doubt that someone looking for barn conversion ideas needs to appreciate that it will not be a cheap exercise and in addition to having a sizeable budget, they will also need to have lots of patience and lots of time to dedicate to their project.

Bearing this in mind, many people understandably opt to buy a barn that has already been sensitively converted but these buildings are in high demand and carry a price tag to match. That’s not to say they aren’t worth buying but there will be compromises in the design and decor that will need to be made.

Over the years, the rules covering barn conversions have changed and from the 1970s to the mid-90s most of these conversions were not done to modern standards and anyone thinking of buying a conversion from this era should bear this in mind.

We covered the issue previously on and many of these conversions were done with little regard to building regulations and some of the materials, for example UPVC windows, are not allowed now and detract from the building’s attractiveness and its resale potential.

Potential problems from conversions of antique barns for sale

The biggest potential problems from conversions of antique barns for sale carried out before building regulations were tightened in the mid-90s is the issue of the foundations since a number of them were not underpinned and they also had a minimal amount of insulation installed.

For many people, a DIY barn conversion project is the culmination of a long held dream and there’s a lot to recommend it, particularly for those who have some experience of building and can carry out some of the work themselves.

There’s no doubt that a redundant farm building appears ripe for renovation and will offer ambitious people looking to carry out their own conversion project a marvellous opportunity to do so.

However, before beginning a project someone who buys an old barn for sale needs to be aware of what the building was originally stored for; while most will have provided homes for animals, others will have been stables or a grain store.

This means that each building is probably unique in design and building materials which in itself creates various issues that need to be appreciated.

The issues that anyone thinking of undertaking a DIY barn conversion project will be examined in more detail in the next article for the old barns for sale conversion buyer’s guide.

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