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<p>Pricing guides and information for people wishing to purchase barn conversions.</p>

A Quick Buyer’s Guide for Old Barns for Sale

In recent years’ barn conversions have grown in popularity to become luxurious properties which means there is huge demand for old barns for sale. While many potential buyers want to buy a derelict farm building and carry out a conversion for themselves, there’s also a sizeable demand from people wanting a barn that has already […]

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How to Save Money on a Barn Conversion

There are many unique ways in which individuals can choose to live nowadays. On different websites and blogs all over the internet we see people living in converted schools that have been turned into apartments, converted missile silos, converted barracks, and more. These are all very unique and fun places that individuals turn into homes. One of the most popular conversions must be a barn conversion.

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How Much will it Cost to Convert a Barn?

Previously at, we have written about ‘How to convert a barn – finding and buying’ and then ‘How to convert a barn – surveying and planning permission’ and ‘How to convert a barn – designing a barn to live in’.

Now we will try to estimate how much it will cost to convert a barn – and the final budget doesn’t have to be huge.

Converting a barn into living accommodation is a major undertaking and can be an expensive one because of the costs involved in getting planning permission and carrying out the conversion, so it’s always a good idea to save money wherever possible.

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Top 10 Tips for Selling Converted Barns

Although, there is no guarantee that a converted barn will increase in value or sell quickly. Effective advertising is the key to finding prospective buyers. It also allows them to discover just what features and benefits the property offers to them. For all private converted barn owners, who are interested in advertising to buyers in the UK or abroad, provides a listing service. For a flat fee of £65+VAT, your listing will appear until it’s sold.

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