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Our Farm Barns for Sale Buying Guide Part 4

Being prepared when looking at farm barns for sale means understanding the planning and barn conversion process which our buying guides offer. Previous articles on have discussed the issues that someone looking to buy a barn to convert should consider. These will include the location, the prospect of connecting to utilities and creating an […]

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Our Barns for Sale Buying Guide Part 1

Growing numbers of people in the UK are looking to fulfill a lifelong dream for buying barns for sale and converting it into their dream home and this guide will help with advice and tips. Finding a barn to convert in a rural landscape has always been a popular cause for many people and it’s […]

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Barn Homes For Sale

For anyone undertaking a barn conversion project or looking to buy barn homes for sale should appreciate they are buying an old property in an idyllic rural location which means that the condition of the exterior walls need to be noted. We have previously highlighted on the importance of joinery work undertaken during the […]

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Turn a barn conversion into a dream home

Converting a barn into your dream home

Barn conversion projects have always been a popular way to create a dream home with their unusual characteristics and great location. No matter what the barn’s original condition, whether it’s in a dilapidated state or just tired, converting it will be a lot of work converting a barn. People often forget that the greater the […]

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Barn Conversion Property Development

Property development – barn conversions offer opportunities

News that the government is relaxing permitted property development rules for barn conversions, covered previously on, could lead to more people looking at undertaking a conversion project. There’s no doubt that the popularity of converting an unused rural dwelling into a dream home has always been popular but getting planning permission has sometimes been […]

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