Converted Barns For Sale - What You Need To Consider

Converted barns for sale – what you need to consider

Around the UK there are lots of converted barns for sale with the owners having completed a unique project to create an impressive, modern home.

One of the big attractions is that those buying converted barns and redundant farm buildings have the possibility of creating an impressive home in an area where the likelihood of gaining planning permission to erect a new building will be very hard to come by.

Not only are quality barn conversions hard to find but there is a big demand from potential buyers for those properties that do come onto the market.

Farm barns for sale offer the potential to create a unique home

There’s no doubt that farm barns for sale offer the potential to create a unique home that has lots of space and the potential to create either a traditional or contemporary home with an internal décor that ranges from rustic to futuristic.

However, the big reason for carrying out a sympathetic barn conversion is to retain as much of its original features as possible and to work within the existing building as much as the owner can do. It should also be appreciated that planning permission will be given on condition that the original features are retained and original materials are used as extensively as possible.

This also helps explain why barn conversions are so popular because they retain effectively the building’s original features and marries this with the comforts and practicality found in a new build property.

So while the owner may have to carry out extensive building work to convert a barn, it may be an expensive and time-consuming process but it will be well worth the investment.

Issues that owners and buyers of barns for sale need to consider

So there are a number of issues that owners and buyers of barns for sale need to consider and we’ve already touched upon one of the main points and that’s the question of gaining planning permission. For those barns that already have it then it’s a headache removed but potential buyers need to examine the permission that has been granted and what the potential restrictions are.

For instance, the local planning authority may forbid the building of new builds and extensions so the owner will have to work within the footprint of the original barn.

While on the subject of planning permission, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that while a potential owner may be purchasing a barn to fulfil a long-held dream they should not take for granted that the local authority will grant planning permission for the conversion to go ahead.

This means that if the owner has bought the building and cannot get planning permission then they will face the prospect of having to sell a redundant and fairly remote building they cannot convert to another potential buyer.

So anybody looking at converted barns for sale will already be ahead of the game because their building will have planning permission already in place and a conversion that may already have occurred so they simply have to impose their own design ideas for the interior to create their unique property.

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