How to price up a barn conversion project

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One of the big questions for anyone looking at a barn conversion project is how will they go about pricing up their scheme?

The important issue to remember is that no two conversion projects are alike so there is no rule of thumb about what the potential costs might be.

Firstly, some barns are larger than others and depending on where they are in the UK, will be constructed with different materials. Many planning authorities will insist that the conversion is carried out with a similar or sympathetic materials which will, inevitably, add to the project’s cost.

There are also other costs including roofing, brickwork and plastering as well as decorating and creating a mezzanine floor for the bedrooms or extra rooms.

As a guide, a barn conversion will cost between £600 and £1,200 per square metre to convert which is slightly more than it would cost to build a new property.

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Experts say that when it comes to barn houses for sale, the most expensive barns to convert are stone-built barns followed by those built in wood and then brick barns are the cheapest for conversions. It should also be appreciated that the original condition of the barn will also have an effect on pricing a barn conversion.

In addition, those undertaking a conversion project will need to spend money on various surveys to comply with planning regulations and also hire architects, potentially project managers as well as planning experts.

It is possible to save money by carrying out the barn conversion by themselves but it makes more sense to hire experts in conversion projects because they will know what potential pitfalls might be involved.

Savings can also be made on the costs because private individuals can reclaim the VAT they pay on materials and labour on a barn conversion project. However, there is a deadline for this which is no more than three months after the work is finished.

Indeed, there is a lot to be said when looking at barn houses for sale that have already been completed for inspiration and ideas for a project and there are lots of avenues to find out answers to particular questions since those who have gone through the process tend to be forthcoming with information.

Barn homes for sale to undertake a conversion project

Again, anyone looking for barn homes for sale to undertake a conversion project should appreciate the scheme will inevitably cost them much more than they have budgeted for. Unless they have the cash readily to hand, they may also struggle to raise a mortgage on the property for the work to be carried out.

When considering how to price up a barn conversion project, the secret is in the detail and potential buyers of barns should appreciate that their efforts will pay dividends if they realistically plan for the expected and unexpected costs since running out of money before completion will be a costly mistake to make.

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