Things to consider when looking at old barns for sale

antique barns for sale

>When it comes to creating a unique and valuable home there are things to consider when looking at old barns for sale.

It’s much easier to buy a barn that’s already been converted from a dilapidated state but for those who relish the prospect of a project to rebuild then there are issues that really need to be appreciated before beginning.

The most important issue when looking at old barns is whether it has outline planning permission from the local authority for the work to go ahead. If not, this can be a lengthy and costly exercise to undertake on top of the barns purchase price.

In addition, it’s not always easy to gain outline planning permission for a barn conversion and it’s best to speak with the local planning department to see what their stance is on the issue. It’s also possible to hire a planning specialist or an architect who has experience of the process to do this on your behalf.

Antique barns for sale

The main aim of stringent planning regulations is that the antique barns for sale is converted in an agreeable and sympathetic manner. The next step is to submit a detailed planning application for a conversion project but, as mentioned previously, this can take a few months to proceed.

It’s also important to speak with and then select a builder who already has experience of carrying out this type of work; this is a specialist project and it will need specialist skills.

Another important issue to consider for a barn conversion is to calculate the costs as best you can. While builders will give customers an estimate, the price will not cover any unforeseen problems which will mean the cost of building will increase.

Planning regulations for barn conversion ideas

It should also be appreciated that planning regulations for barn conversion ideas will probably insist that the barn uses similar sympathetic materials so that the building’s integrity is retained.

Another important element is the weather which many people do not factor into their costs because there can be delays for the work to proceed which will cost money. There should also be an element set aside within the barn conversion budget to allow for unexpected costs.

One issue for saving money is to undertake as much work as possible to keep building costs low but this is only recommended for those who have the necessary skills and experience to do so. Otherwise, this could be an expensive mistake in the making.

Remember too that it’s not just about money and the barn conversion project will swallow up a lot of your time since you will have to liaise with architects, contractors, planners as well as the utilities – if there isn’t an electricity or water supply nearby then the connection will have to be carried out which can be an expensive exercise as well.

Ultimately, by considering the issues around the conversion process when looking at old barns for sale means that the buyer is thoroughly prepared for what can be a rewarding and enjoyable project.

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